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Compulsory Equipment

5km Endurance – every paddler must have a properly fitted PFD.

10km Endurance – every paddler must have a properly fitted PFD and a leash.

Surf Race – PFD and leash are optional for the surf race.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

I agree to enter this event at my own risk. I accept that this event involves risks and will not hold event organisers, officials, sponsors, land owners or any other person involved in the event liable for any loss or injury to equipment or person incurred during the event. I have no physical or medical conditions which may have potential to put ourselves or any other person at risk and we are sufficiently trained for the event. I agree to abide by the organiser’s rules and accept any decision or direction given by them. I allow sponsors/organisers to use our name/photo for promotional purposes. I will attend the race briefing and agree to abide by the contents. I agree that we indemnify event organisers, land owners, sponsors and their agents against all claims, damages, losses or expenses which they may incur as the direct or indirect result of any injury, damage to any property, trauma to my friends and family. I acknowledge that the race organiser’s decision shall be final.

Competitors under the age of 18 on race day must have the consent of their parent or guardian.